Thursday, February 4, 2016


A little bragging and praise is due. Last May a mutual friend encouraged Paul and Sophie of HomeStories and me to get together. "Call her!", our friend said to them. She sensed we needed each other more than we could have ever imagined. We were simultaneously going through personal and professional crisis, middle aged with children, extremely talented, yet lost. But through the sharing of daily woes, the delicate togetherness discovering a mutual love of design and lots of tea, a deep friendship formed. It was with this friendship and trust that led us to embark on an online shop project for their store. The idea was sparked, things were put into action, we were thrown into something larger. On monday it gave birth. This project, which also included two others (as you will see in the below photo), could have gone totally awry. But it didn't. Not once was there tension, even in heated debates. There was an acceptance and each person had their role in a way that was natural to who they were. Hours, late into the night and weekends were committed without batting an eye or complaint. This is what we call a work of love. Love for a project but even more, love for each other. How lucky one is to experience working with people we care so deeply about and be on the same page of things? Perhaps once in a life time? Or is it a change of perspective of how one can work. That work, really is in our love of others, lifting each other up, encouraging and knowing when to let go and when to push. In any case I'm so grateful. Grateful to having lost my job to find out the real meaning of work and two mentors I'd never dreamed I'd find.

(left to right): Pascal Perich, Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross, Steve Chester, Carolyn Veith Krienke, Paul Yanacopoulos-Gross.