Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DVF 2013

I don't often post fashion on my blog, but considering this is fashion week in NYC (and spotting quite a few trendsetters roaming the streets) I couldn't help but browse the fall 2013 offerings. This whole fashion game can leave me a bit overwhelmed, to the point that I just want to run in the opposite direction with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Perhaps it's that I'm seeking style in a sea of ever changing trends. Style is timeless and forever. It moves with the body in a way that elevates the integrity of that person. It dignifies them. Fashion I'm not so sure has the same aims. I did however catch my breath at a few pieces in DVF collection. And perhaps it's that Diane Von Furstenburg, herself, has never strayed far from her sense of style and for that reason alone, I'm a bit of a fan. I'm fortunate to own a couple dresses and find that season after season they hold a certain freshness and mobility. These two pieces, from her fall 2013 collection are a beautiful example.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Poem

If we clock a lemon falling
from the balcony six floors down,
it will be June by the time it hits
the sidewalk. People will look up
and shout, "it's your birthday!"
What seemed so dark and wintery
has been sprayed with the yellow
light of early June. What rumbles
in our stomachs are not the sausages
of our youth, but the pangs of some
distant love, all vibrant and dangling,
ready to be thrust asunder,
lifted heartily, and mine.

colors of winter

Who said winter has to be gray?

Jan (looking at a question mark on a drawing): "why is there a mystery mark?"

And why isn't a question mark called a mystery mark, or a wonder mark (my daughter and I added)? Could it be an query mark? Poetic delights in the kitchen.

I'm starting to discover, through my son's experience in kindergarten, that Fulghum's poem just skims the surface of the beauty of a 5 year old's newly discovered perspective on life.