Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tsukushi love

Kai and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last night... it is one of those numbers which has weight to it. Seven years of adventure, two children, bold experiments and lots of lessons learned. We craved an evening of something quiet and unexpected, sensual and exotic and the path lead us to Tsukushi. On an unmarked black door tucked away on east 41st and 2nd ave, near the united nations, it is not the kind of japanese place you seek out for sushi and uber gourmet. This is a secret little passage into home-style cooking japanese style. There is no menu, everyone is japanese, and so you just sit there quietly as they bring out, one by one, the most amazing little dishes of pleasure as you get more and more buzzed on Dassai Sake. Eating a small bowl of sesame tofu in miso broth was almost an experience in perfection. Little pieces of fish, a dish of potato stem, topped off with tea and black sesame ice cream.... I can't wait to go again one day.

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