Friday, June 8, 2012


Sometimes you find that your work is the continuation of the work of another, or theirs of yours. They start where the other left off and meeting again, back around to eternity. A shared moment of the regard on the transience of life, a moment, a breath.

The first image is by a friend, taken in California. Mine, on the Lake of Geneva.


Anonymous said...

Completely different images.. Not sure how a professional photographer or Art Director would place either one in the the same category.. Look closely and they say two different stories.

caro said...

"Anonymous" not sure you grasped the comment. I was relating to the moment of reflection, not the stories. The stories are very different, yes, but the tranquility of being in the moment is shared. The other photographer, as he tells me, was reacting to what he saw upon his first view of Big Sur in California. Mine was my reaction upon arriving at the shore of Lake Geneva. One is lightness, the other darker, but both a breath. A Zen zone.