Sunday, December 2, 2012

aestheis for the day

Walking into a shop, mindlessly at first, I realized that a man was walking out. In a strange attempt to spin around to hold the door for him as entering, I blocked his path. Somehow my intension was to hold the door from within for him, but in order to do this I would have to enter, pass him and then hold the door. Totally irrational, yet it is what happened. He was offended by my rudeness at cutting him off. Worse was that I wanted to explain my intension and was countered with a scoff. It is beautiful to note the humility in this encounter, how wrapped up we are in our daily motions. If I had been more present upon entering my actions would have been more thorough and also had I been more noble, I would have just said sorry.

So without further ado, to that gentlemen where ever you are, I extend my apologies.

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Todd Colby said...

I've made that exact move, more than once. Sigh.