Saturday, September 28, 2013


Instagram has taken over my blogging these days. Social media has it's way of doing that, luring you astray to the next thing. Not that instagram is anything new, nor am I as a user (it's been over a year), but my visual expression has moved there for a while, that little diary framed in it's square walls. Joined by fellow photographers, stylists and art directors that I work with, our daily musings are inspired inside and out of our work day. I find that it brings a sense of security that my mind (well visually at least) is still looking. My daughter has joined me and I'm refreshed by her seriousness of the craft.  At 10, she is attempting to create a visual poetry of the world around her. Not with the usual tween obsessions, but influenced by the streams of artist friends (both young and old) she is exploring and expressing her way of looking.

A few of my favorites from Aya's roll...

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