Wednesday, October 10, 2012

on the streets

I've been turning my eye to the street these days, meditations on what becomes in front of me at any given moment. In New York this often involves others, people, dogs, beautiful like flowers and plants in a field. And just so, when I'm in the woods, the country side, my eyes turn rightfully to what I encounter there. A friend recently asked me if my subjects know that I'm taking their photo. Most of the  time I'm sly, but lately I've found myself to be bolder. Taking the courage to approach another, to share with them what I'm seeing, that I find them beautiful for whatever reason, to make a contact, touch the moment, and then, if they are willing, the photo becomes an exchange of kindness.

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Todd Colby said...

I love the body language of the couple on the train. They look not entirely comfortable with each other and perhaps with being photographed as well, which has put them in the position of having to pose awkwardly as a couple for perhaps the first time. I may be making all his up, but the photograph really resonated for me and I found myself interpreting the photo and adding a little narrative to the situation, imaging the lives of this young couple on the train. Lovely.