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Monday, October 8, 2012


Red has always been a color that I've been consistently drawn to since my childhood. My first dress of choice was of the color, swiss cotton dotted weaving, cinched at the waist for my 9th birthday. The hue of lady bugs and ending sunsets, a droplet on a pricked finger, the lingering sweet scent of decaying rose and wine. The history of Vermilion goes so far back, to the first marks in Pech Merle cave, Pompeii and the Song Dynasty that one could surely write volumes on it.

This morning I was stopped by the beauty of this simple backdrop behind the actress Sara Sokolovic by Judy Rogac. The striking line of her form against the solid hue matched only by her lips. The graphic boldness, a sea of crimson evoking painterly sensuality, the body: a broken heart, a vain rose cared for by a little prince on a far off planet.

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