Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Sometimes you are thrown back to where you grew up, the place where those adolescent years of discovery and angst form so much of who you are and at the same time what you want to get away from. We get engrossed in our new life, another life, and going back can carry with it a surge of emotions that leave you in a state of bewildered wonder. I found myself strolling beach, at once so familiar and foreign, rediscovering old places of childhood fantasy, asking what place does this have in who I am? Can we be re-enchanted? And how to include this in the life we have now?
These landscapes inhabit me as much as the mountains of Switzerland and the streets of Brooklyn.

photos from the top: Siesta Key beach, white sand, kayaking on the Gulf, the pier at Siesta Key, pink hues at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Jungle walk, The Old Salty Dog restaurant on Ken Thompson Parkway, Tara on Lido Key, Tara and Arion take a sunset plunge.

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