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Monday, January 21, 2013

moma ps1

We have always been fortunate to live less than 15 minutes from MoMa's PS 1 contemporary art space. Something we don't take enough advantage of, especially on blistery wintery days like today. And so after spending most of the day huddled under the covers with books and movies, we got ourselves out of bed for an art romp.

Some highlights include, past Martha coworkers Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen, of ConfettiSystem's 100 Arrangements, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt's Tender Love Among the Junk (the colors just blew me away) and New Pictures of Common Objects. The latter could add among it's collection Fortunato's insane marizpan creation (see hamburger image below). Which by-the-way is now on Jan's birthday request list. Who would have known! 

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