Friday, March 8, 2013

a big little love

My son has a girl friend. They are 6 (well she just turned 6 and Jan is one month away from his birthday). They admire each other, listen, laugh, are thoughtful to their needs and give each other lots of space.  It is a good friendship like any other but with someone of the opposite sex. Everyone in the school knows about it, they sit together at lunch and hold hands. They also have other friends and to them it's no question that they like each other best. They have discussed it.

I like to imagine that this is were genuine friendships are formed, that all relationships, regardless with men or women, begin with just two people who like each other for who they are. They are open, free and not afraid to express their needs all the while knowing the other is there. There is no weight placed on yesterday or tomorrow, but just the quality of enjoying each other in the now.